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An inspiring, creative + nurturing environment for your child
to learn + grow.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our site and to have the opportunity to provide a flavour of the high standards and quality of care in our nursery but we feel that you will pick up more of what is really important to us from watching, listening and talking to us during a visit than from browsing through our site or looking through our prospectus.

recent events

  • A day in the life of our little ones.

    Our children have been super in adjusting after the long summer break and are off to a wonderful start. There were a few tears at first but now all we can hear is giggles and all we can see are bright smiles.

  • Final Splash Day at Al Bateen

    We will have our final splash day of the year on Wed 18th June. All children should bring swimming wear and a towel. Full details are on the Nursery Communicator.

  • Thursday 30th June

    Today is the last day of our term and we would like to wish all our pupils and parents a wonderful summer. Everyone has made wonderful progress through the year and we are proud of all our pupils. For those moving to “big school”, we wish all of you the very best and we will miss you.


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