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It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our site and to have the opportunity to provide a flavour of the high standards and quality of care in our nursery but we feel that you will pick up more of what is really important to us from watching, listening and talking to us during a visit than from browsing through our site or looking through our prospectus.

recent events

  • Humpty Dumpty Nursery had a special visit from the Fire station.

    As part of the 'People who help us' program at the nursery, Humpty Dumpty welcomed some local heroes from the Fire department. The firemen not only taught the kids about the different things they do at work but also let the kids try on their protective gear and examine some of their equipment.


  • At Humpty Dumpty Nursery, we care for animals.

    Humpty Dumpty Nursery organized a charity event on Thursday, 19th February. The event was aimed to raise awareness for homeless and abused animals, in support of Animal Action a non-profit organization in Abu Dhabi.

    Humpty Dumpty raised in excess of AED 2,600 which will be handed to Animal Action on Monday, 23rd February along with granules for dogs. The children, parents and staff actively participated in the event by making cute animal hats, baking delicious cookies and donating generously for the cause.

    “The event was very successful and the kids really enjoyed participating in it. We received an envelope full of coins and paper money, donated by one of our nursery children who broke his piggy bank to support poor and abused animals. This teaches children humility, care and generosity which is very beneficial to learn at such an early age,” commented Miriam Al-Soufi, Nursery Co-ordinator at Humpty Dumpty Nursery, Khalifa City.

  • Sports Day at Humpty Dumpty!

    We had the sports day at the KCA nursery and it was an exciting event. All the pupils got a certificate and a medal at the end of the event. We had our three teams Blue, Red and Green and everyone including the parents enjoyed the day thoroughly.


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