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Founded in 1991, the staff at Humpty Dumpty Nurseries has developed a relaxed, yet disciplined atmosphere supported by our team of qualified and experienced British teaching staff.

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Who We Are

Our curriculum is a British based, Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is both formulative and progressive and supports children in reaching developmental milestones and age appropriate learning objectives.

Our nurseries are specifically designed and equipped to the highest standards. Our toys and resources are carefully selected by our Early Years team; every item is chosen for the projected learning outcomes, as well as quality and, of course, fun.

We welcome children from age 1 onwards. Pupils can remain with us until the end of their Nursery Year (FS1) when they progress on to school.


Fun and educational toys

Creativity and play


Aims and Values

We aim to provide well-equipped and highly organised facilities, providing reassurance to parents that their children are receiving quality care and education in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

Our children take an active role in caring for themselves, developing independence and the basic skills that are necessary for them to learn in order to grow into happy, healthy and well adjusted young people.

We recognise that the first few years of a child’s life are critical to their development. Our aim is to provide children with the best possible start to their education. We create a vibrant and happy environment within which children can flourish and develop as far as they can.

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